Hi there,

I'm Paula,
Graphic and
UI/UX Designer

Here you can find some information about me and my professional career, and see my portfolio with some of the projects I've done during these last years.


What can I do for you?

As a graphic designer, I carry out brand design and adaptation projects, editorial design, digital illustration and creation of infographics, among others.

And as a web designer and developer, I can carry out entire projects from start to end, taking care of everything, from the ui/ux design to its development, adapting the results to the needs of each case.

Brand Design

I work on your brand to give it the personality and distinction necessary to be noticed in your market.

Graphic Design

Designs adapted to the needs of each client so that each project shines with its own light.

Web and UI/UX Design

Design of an attractive and effective website, which will allow you to differentiate you from the rest.

Frontend Development

Development and programming of all visible parts of your web or software projects.


Check out some of my last projects

Find in my portfolio some of the projects I've done on the last years.
If you need to see more projects in wich I have worked, contact me to show you projects done before becoming a freelancer and much more.


I am a freelance graphic and UI/UX designer from Tarragona, Spain.

From a very young age I was curious about drawing, creativity and communication. It was very clear that in the future I would dedicate my professional life to it. A few years ago, my curiosity about web design and frontend programming was added to it, making me start to focus my professional career more on it.

As a graphic and ui/ux designer, and at the same time web and frontend developer, I can carry out projects from start to end, uniting everything that motivates me and what I like to do in my work.


Let's get in touch!

Do you need more information about my services? Would you like to see more variety of projects I have worked on? Do you want to hire my services?

Send me a message and I will contact you as soon as possible!