Traditional Liquor Label

Traditional Liquor Label

The Project

I was commissioned to design the label of a typical liquor from Tarragona (Spain), giving it an appearance and meaning with the city and the area.

There were 3 things clear when starting this project:
1. The main figure had to be a woman.
2. It should have had references to the Roman Empire in Tarragona.
3. Nature and aromatic herbs from the territory of Tarragona were to appear.

With this, I began to work on the sketches of this project that little by little took shape.

This Project was canceled before seeing the light due to covid-19.

The initial sketches were made on paper, and once we had a base of what we wanted for this label, it was time to carry it out in Photoshop using a graphics tablet to replicate the work done on paper on screen.

I had the help of an archaeologist specialized in the Roman age so that the woman's clothing was as similar as possible to what was worn at that time, as well as the shape of the glass jar, which was similar to those found in that era.

At the bottom of the label we can find different herbs typical of the Tarragona area, among which several secrets of the original recipe of the liqueur are hidden.

This was a project that I loved working on and was a significant challenge for me, as it required illustration knowledge that I had not been able to use previously in any other project.

It is a shame that the Artisanal Liquor project had not been continued due to Covid-19, but the design and illustration work carried out for it is worth showing.