Oppr.ai Website

Oppr.ai Website

The Project

For the Oppr.ai website I started working on the prototype in Figma based on the visual bases that we had established in the Brandbook created previously.

From the Sitemap that we had in mind from the beginning, the wireframe was created of what the website would be like and the different sections that we would find on each page. This served as a basis to begin creating its written content and with it the different visuals that we would find throughout the website.


With the prototypes of each page already created, I began to work on its development with WordPress and the creation of the real website in 3 responsive versions to be able to be displayed correctly on desktop, tablet or smartphone screens.

Visual resources

Customized visuals were created for this website for each page of it, with the intention of being able to explain how the product works quickly and with a good appearance.