PIJ TDB Programe 2019/2020

PIJ TDB Programe 2019/2020

The Project

The Youth Information Point (PIJ) of Torredembarra commissioned me to design the annual program of activities they carry out outside of school for young people between 11 and 18 years old.

In previous years they had abused aspects that were too childish, and for this year, they wanted to start giving it an appearance more in line with the audience it was aimed at to attract the attention of more potential users.

After considering different options since it had to be in printed format, it was decided that in order to differentiate the sections correctly the best way was with a triptych.

One of the most characteristic details of this design is that we wanted to remember in them that we are in Torredembarra, a Catalan coastal town with an incredible beach where many activities take place, and we put the young people on the beach with the sand at their feet.

The choice of colors came from the search for a palette that would attract attention and that would not abuse a single color, to make elements stand out on lighter backgrounds.

The final result was a triptych that, although containing a lot of information about workshops and courses, among other activities, was youthful and organized.

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