The Project

For the advertising of the GrooveTech Festival, we worked with the idea of a modern look with a lot of use of corporate green and Dionysus, god of wine, festivities and dance, as its protagonist. We really liked from the beginning the mix of such a modern and impressive appearance with a classic figure like this.

From this base created for the main poster, different creatives were created for the other printed and digital media of the event.

We make different adaptations of the main image for tickets, bracelets to access the VIP or general area.

For the festival staff, accreditations were made for each one with which they could access the VIP and backstage area, as well as the DJ booth.

T-shirts were also designed for the event staff with the intention of selling them in the future.

Continuation of the Project

Once everything was ready to launch the festival, different creatives were carried out to advertise ticket sales, artists, date...

Different advertising videos were also created for reels on Instagram.

Visit GrooveTech's Instagram to see more at @groovetechfest.