Oppr.ai Branding

Oppr.ai Branding

The Project

I was tasked with carrying out the design of the visual identity and creating a brandbook with all the specifications for its use, establishing a clear, consistent and unique image for Oppr.ai.

The process of creating the logo for Oppr.ai was initially carried out by making different sketches of the symbol that we would use in order to have a more defined idea and be able to integrate it correctly with a typography for the logo. A first document was made with different options, and based on the selection, a final concept was worked on. Based on the comments and some modifications, the BrandBook for Oppr.ai was finally created.


The Oppr.ai logo symbol was created from the shapes of its main letters and the point used at the end of the brand name, making use of the o, p and r and creating a shape that surrounds the orange circle.

This was created from the typography that was created for the brand logo, in order to unify it and understand more easily that ultimately the complete brand is the union of the symbol and the logo, thus being an imagotype.

The personalized Typeface

From the beginning, we were clear that the image had to be represented with circles or very curved letters, so after trying different options and trying to make them also useful for the creation of the symbol, we ended up creating a typeface expressly for the Oppr logo. ai, to achieve the results we were looking for.

This typography is used solely and exclusively in the brand Logo, since it is not suitable for easy reading in more complex texts.

Visual resources

For the different backgrounds and resources that we could use in different Oppr spaces and documents, we decided to use the same alphabet resource but in such a way that it could not be completely identified that the shapes used are letters.

The Continuation
of the Project

From this brandbook we have been able to continue with the total project for Oppr.ai, continuing with the design and development of the website. Do you want to know more about the continuation of the project? Find all your information here.